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Introduction Welcome to the Open SVG Viewer homepage.
This project's development began at the Department of Informatics of the University of Minho in Portugal. Its main porpose was to view vectorial maps in SVG in mobile plataforms, such as PocketPC, and using Java.
Requests This project has been released as open source in order to develop a free SVG viewer for mobile platforms that fully implements the basic SVG specification, with the help of the open source community.
The main features that must be presented to the user in the viewer GUI, are Zoom In and Out, Zoom Area, Percentage Zoom, Last Zoom, Pan, Rotation, Fit to Window, Find Text, Reload File, Show DOM and a Preferences Menu.
The viewer, as it stands, is divided in three layers. In the top layer we have the GUI; in the middle layer lies the parser, element building and element drawing support; finally, there is the element representation layer, at the bottom. This is shown in the following diagram:

This architecture is not final, and may be modified in order to improve performance.
Visit the Project Info page at for other details.
Downloads There are two versions of OpenSVGViewer that you can download, v1.0 using Java Threads (may not run very well in Sun's VM for PocketPC) and v1.0 without Java Threads. Both versions use crimson as a XML parser.
To start the viewer, crimson parser and the classes folder must be referenced in classpath, then compile the java sources (we sugest jdk1.1.8 because Java VM for PocketPCs doesn't suport Java2), e.g. javac, finally run it, e.g. java Viewer.
You can also download some SVG Documents that works in our viewer.
Contacts Initial Development Team: Jorge Rocha, No Rocha, Nuno Faria and Paulo Brito.
Current Development Team: SigLab.

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