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The most recent version of OpenSVGViewer is the alpha. This version suports some SVG features like polygons, polylines and colors (see release notes for more details).

There are two old versions of OpenSVGViewer that you can download (but they don't reflect the actual state and architecture), v1.0 using Java Threads (may not run very well in Sun's VM for PocketPC) and v1.0 without Java Threads. Both versions use crimson as a XML parser.
To start the viewer, crimson parser and the classes folder must be referenced in classpath, then compile the java sources (we sugest jdk1.1.8 because Java VM for PocketPCs doesn't suport Java2), e.g. javac Viewer.java, finally run it, e.g. java Viewer.
You can also download some SVG Documents that works in our viewer.

the Open Svg Viewer is hosted by:

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